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About us

Skåne Chili is a family owned business growing our own chili and producting organic chili sauces. Chili is our passion and we are proud to take responsibility for the whole process from putting chili seeds in the soil to the chili sauce on the store shelf. The chili we use in our sauces comes from our own farm and the sauce is manufactured in our food safety certified factory in Landskrona.


How it started

It was my interest in cooking that laid the foundation for the chili growing business. I have Japanese heritage and I have lived for a few years in Tokyo, where I came into contact with food from all over the world, especially korean spicy food. When I came home to Sweden, I found it difficult to find the ingredients for my spicy favorite dishes so I simply grew my own chili.

Since I always had a great interest in growing vegetables, I started growing my own chili on a small scale. The just kept growing and eventually I decided to quit my job as a programmer and become a full-time chili grower and Hot Sauce manufacturer.